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Muskegon CPL

Certified CPL Training Classes

Muskegon CPL is a family owned and operated firearms training organization. We are devoted to helping people exercise their 2nd Amendment rights in a safe, lawful, and positive manner.




2530 S. Slocum Rd, Ravenna MI

Firearm Use

We provide firearms for all Concealed Pistol Classes at no charge!

Ammo Purchase

Ammo is provided at no charge when using our range guns!

About The Range

Ravenna Conservation Club (RCC) is the home of MuskegonCPL.  The Ravenna Conservation Club was founded in 1967. The clubhouse and ranges were built by members on 20 acres of land donated by one of the founding members.  RCC has three beautiful ranges that include a 30 yard Muzzle Loader\\Pistol Range, a 100 yard rifle range, and a 5 station trap range.

The muzzle loader range, pistol range, and 100 yard range is open 7 days a week from 9AM – 5PM.  The Range rules are posted and all that use the range are expected to follow them.


Muskegon CPL is proud to offer several instructional courses for individuals of all skill levels. Click on the class name below for additional information, price, and schedule. Dates and times are subject to change.

Gun Safety Rules

All guns are always loaded

Identify your target, and what is behind it

Be attentive and careful all the time

All firearms must be discharged and safely cased or holstered before leaving the shooting bay

Never use drugs or alcohol before or during your stay on the range

If you see a dangerous situation, report it to a range instructor directly

Keep your finger off the trigger until choosing to fire.

Never let your muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy

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Next class is May 16th. ...

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Great day on the range ...

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Great day on the range! ...

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We were blessed with awesome weather for class today! #mcrgo #mcpl #muskegoncpl ...

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We were blessed with awesome weather for class today! #mcrgo #mcpl #muskegoncpl ...

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Chilling at the Airport, on my way home, and I`ve been left to my thoughts. Students past, present in future, what training would you like to see in #2020 #muskegoncpl # mcrgo ...

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The Next CPL Class is on Sunday, November 24th, 2019. Lunch included. "Tools of last resort" provided. Class starts at 8:45AM. The Cost is $95. $30 deposit required to hold your spot. Call 231-343-2389 or visit to signup. No Experience Necessary!! Please Like and share this post! ...

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Upcoming classes: Oct 20, Nov 24, Dec 29. Register at cost $95 lunch and tool of last resort included. ...

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Great day on the range with a great group of students #muskegoncpl #GetTrained #2A #tagyourself #mcrgo ...

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Beating the rain #muskegoncpl #GetTrained #2A #tagyourself ...

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9-11-01 - Arguably the worst day in modern American History. I personally am not a fan of the all "Never forget" posts I see each year on this day, we need to remember everyday. The weeks after are what I remember most. We loved another, we cared for another, we were American toward each other. Graham Allen tweeted this, and its how I have felt from day 1. Tomorrow is never promised, each day is a gift. Love, Forgive, and Live! #USA #StandProud #BeKind ...

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